Gewgaw by Brad Damico

Gewgaw [ ɡyo͞oˌɡä ]


A linguistic gem uncovered during the search for synonyms to describe cherished trinkets.

Brad Damico's journey as a generative artist is guided by a wellspring of inspiration. He draws from the realm of graphic design that saturates modern society, manifesting in television shows, billboards, websites, and more.

“These are always a static idea seen in one format, and the great aspect of generative art is you can then begin to imagine how it can be distilled into parameters and rendered across many outputs.”

Nature serves as another timeless source of influence. Damico’s relocation to a rural setting immersed him in the serenity of forests, rivers, and lakes, offering fresh inspirations distinct from urban landscapes. As an abstract artist, he's compelled by the colors, moods, and aspiration to encapsulate the tranquility that nature offers.

Ode to Roy #3 by Brad Damico
Ode to Roy #3 by Brad Damico

Brad’s upcoming project on Highlight, Gewgaw, started as a technical exploration of the intricacies in running multiple animations across a single canvas. The focus was to make these animations appear independent yet seamlessly synchronized. This concept sparked the childhood memory of a wooden box brimming with an ever-changing collection of small trinkets. The box, adorned with small rectangular cutouts of various sizes, seres as the inspiration behind Gewgaw’s unique layout and approach to siloed animations.

Each output from the project features a defined primary layout, but batch minting unlocks new grids for exploration. Any purchase with between 2 and 9 mints will unlock views that maintain the same animation style and palette while rearranging the blocks. With keyboard controls, collectors can then switch between the primary and alternate views.

For example, if five works are minted, the second output will include primary and alternate views seen using numbers keys 1 and 2. The third output will include three views, and so on.

Batch minting unlocks different grid views
Batch minting unlocks different grid views

Gewgaw also offers hidden gems in the form of golden and silver palettes. These will hold the keys to a forthcoming long-form animated project, Digital Bath. Those with a Golden Ticket palette will enjoy two free mints, while Silver Ticket holders will receive one.

These dynamics are new in Damico’s body of work and speak to his ongoing curiosity for the medium. A veteran of the crypto art scene, he finds inspiration in the constant experimentation by artists and the availability of new tools to create art.

“The tools and knowledge available now, even compared to a few years back, are simply amazing. The growth of the industry has led to a diverse range of artists and styles, and it is impossible not to be blown away by all the new work that comes out every day. It's overwhelming how much good art is being created.”

Gewgaw will be available Friday, October 27th at 12 pm ET on Highlight.

This edition of 200 will be available for 0.02 ETH or $32 per piece.

Brad Damico, an abstract artist, specializes in long-form generative art, drawing inspiration from the Color Field, Minimalist, and Abstract Expressionist movements. His primary focus revolves around the quest for beauty through the interplay of color and shape. As one of the pioneers in the crypto art scene, his mints trace back to 2018. Brad's artworks have found homes on a wide spectrum of platforms, spanning from SuperRare to ArtBlocks, and many in between. His work also graces group exhibitions across four continents.

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