From Plotters to Pixels: System 1 by Nicolas Daniel

This collection is a part of the Bright Moments Artist in Residence series for February 2024. More details can be found here.

System 1 began with Nicolas Daniel’s desire to explore plotter art within a generative algorithm. The project initially focused on creating simple line drawings but quickly evolved into something more complex with the introduction of a propagation algorithm. This algorithm led to unexpected outcomes resembling maps of natural and urban landscapes, influenced by cartography and biological perspectives.

“We discussed the project, and I expressed my desire to create something related to the plotter because I’ve had a project in mind for about a year or two.”

The beauty of Daniel’s project lies in its unpredictability. At its core, System 1 utilizes a sophisticated propagation algorithm with elements of randomness and imperfection. Through this creative journey, System 1 generates unexpected outcomes resembling maps depicting natural terrains and urban cityscapes. The collection produces compositions with diverse densities and forms, drawing inspiration from various sources, including cartography and biological phenomena such as leaf veins and cellular propagation.

The result is a mesmerizing series of line-based animations slowly revealing abstract landscapes and cellular structures. Daniel describes it as a fusion of cartography, nature, and urban views. By tweaking parameters like entropy, he can create highly geometric patterns reminiscent of city grids or swirling organic shapes that mimic frost, veins, or tree roots.

For collectors who choose to batch mint 101 tokens, each token will include one of each color palette. The final token in the batch mint will feature a circular pattern, a discovery made by Daniel during the initial refinement of the algorithm. This unique circular version will only be available through batch minting and will not appear otherwise.

Physical prints for System 1 will be introduced for collectors later this year.


Nicolas Daniel is a French artist based in Nantes who expresses his creative vision through code. With a passion for digital artistry and a background in computer science, he explores the surprising possibilities of collaboration with machines. His work spans various mediums, including screens, prints, plotters, and projections.

System 1 is open for minting from February 8 to February 29. Collection can be found here.

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