Color Transition by MCHX

Anton Dubrovin, a.k.a. MCHX, explores the interplay between hues and perceptions in his latest collection, Color Transition. Inspired by Josef Albers's Interaction of Color, Anton delves into a world where colors are perceived differently in response to their neighboring shades.

Joseph Albers, Interaction of Color, 1963. Image courtesy of Bukokskis.
Joseph Albers, Interaction of Color, 1963. Image courtesy of Bukokskis.

While exploring Albers's exercises in a code editor, Anton honed in on color combinations that resonated with his preferences. This process was not only a way to explore color interaction but became a channel for relieving life's stress and finding equilibrium amidst personal change.

"What makes generative art truly remarkable is its unique accessibility – it thrives on the internet and adapts seamlessly to various devices and screen sizes, enabling a direct and widespread connection with audiences."

Anton's inspiration draws from the ability to craft novel experiences in their ideas and artistic work. However, what captivates him the most is the uncharted future of generative art. It remains an unknown territory, a realm of limitless potential where people like Anton can define and shape its role in the world of art.

Color Transitions will be available Tuesday, October 24th at 12 pm ET on Highlight. Minting multiple tokens in a transaction will produce outputs with matching color palettes.

This open edition is available for a week at 0.005 ETH or $8 per piece.

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