Exploring the Generative Artistry of Julien Gachadoat

This collection is a part of the Bright Moments Artist in Residence series for February 2024. More details can be found here.

Julien Gachadoat’s latest generative artwork, Orbe, continues his artistic exploration of plotting and algorithmic subdivision. Drawing from his previous works, such as Mineral and Radiance, Orbe utilizes simple geometric shapes like rectangles and circles paired with a subdivision algorithm.

“It’s a direct continuation of my work, which is mainly plot-based. I started experimenting daily with algorithms that produce line-based geometries back in 2017.”

Central to Gachadoat’s artistic philosophy is the principle of exploration and experimentation. Julien’s journey reflects a relentless pursuit of innovation from his early forays into creative coding as a teenager in the ’80s to his recent venture into blockchain-based art. His fascination with computer history and commitment to education underscore his deep-rooted belief in the democratization of art.

Creating an open edition like Orbe posed a new creative challenge for Gachadoat. Initially hesitant about expanding the spectrum of possible outputs, he grappled with maintaining his signature curated aesthetic amidst greater diversity. Embracing the challenge with characteristic ingenuity, Gachadoat embarked on a journey of experimentation, implementing innovative animation strategies to ensure coherence across the series.

He focused on developing a coherent animated loop system based on token IDs, allowing collectors to own a unique slice of a larger looping artwork. Orbe is designed as a collaborative venture, where each set of 180 compositions contributes to a unified animated loop.

As Gachadoat prepares to showcase his latest collection at Bright Moments Paris, the event marks the culmination of years of artistic exploration grounded in authenticity and creative integrity. From the meticulously hand-plotted designs of his earlier works to the mesmerizing animated loops of Orbe, Gachadoat continues to push the boundaries of what is possible with code, algorithms, and imagination.


Julien Gachadoat (aka v3ga) has been exploring generative drawing for many years. He grew up in the 90s amid the avant-garde demo scene, making visuals with code. Ever since, programming languages have been his creative tool.  Creating unique art with algorithms, he works with the emergence of abstract form. Combining monochrome, geometric shapes, he plays with repetition, using random operations to generate an element of surprise. Julien Gachadoat uses the computer — "this unique performer" (Vera Molnar) — to develop his own creative tools based on simple graphic rules, and then to explore the formal possibilities that ensue. By printing these unique pieces with a plotter, he creates a link between text and code, between computer and pencil, and between the rigor of code and the poetry of art. “To leave a unique mark, aesthetically palpable, that is not in defiance, but rather in aid of the digital”: this is his philosophy.

*Orbe is open for minting from February 8 to February 29. The collection can be found here. *

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