Progeny by Modnar Wolf


As the name suggests, 'Progeny' is an offspring: a fusion of Duane King’s blockchain identity project “Sum” and Felipe Pantone’s physically interactive “Subtractive Variability Manipulable” series. This combination allows viewers and collectors alike to manipulate generated mints and potentially save their own Progenies.


Just as printers operate with the CMY (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow) color model and displays utilize RGB (Red, Green, Blue), this script is anchored in color layering. It provides a plethora of blending and mixing possibilities influenced by the rotation of the discs. The initial angles of the discs, their rotation speeds, and direction (be it clockwise or counterclockwise) are derived and mapped from 9 random decimal pairs sourced from the collectors wallet address. This approach to randomization ensures that a single address can generate varied initial configurations.

The chosen decimal pairs yield values ranging from 0 to 255. These values then need to be remapped to fit their specific use cases. For example, a 0-255 range might be translated to a 0-360 scale for rotation angle, or adjusted to a -1 to 1 range for direction, and so forth.

Bands & Variants

There are three distinct band types available: 1x1, 2x2, and 4x4. These variations in band configurations play a significant role in the visual complexity of each progeny disc. For instance, a 1x1 band type offers a simpler, more straightforward appearance, while a 4x4 configuration delivers intricate patterns and nuances. Depending on the band type, each progeny disc can present with greater or lesser visual intricacy, offering a diverse range of aesthetic experiences. (all discs will have the same band type)

Below is a brief peak at the possible variants traits, which fall under Spectrum, Halo, and Rings. With rings having a sub traits as Spaced and Stacked.





A key aspect of Progeny was to bring art to life in real-time, making it engaging and interactive. Inspired by Pantone's unparalleled fusion of vibrant visuals and interactive brilliance, I've attempted to digitally capture a hint of his innovative spirit.

Please take the time to enable the simple interactive UI by either tapping the screen on mobile or hitting “CTRL” key on keyboard. With the UI controls you are able to directly manipulate each color channel, start/stop the rotation animation, and save out a desirable frame you created. Keep in mind that .png file exported contains an alpha channel causing light or dark background themes affect the output. There is also a slight parallax-tilt effect if you slide mouse hover progeny.

Structure, bands, variants, color, and interactivity come to life with code at the time of mint to produce your progeny.

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