Exploring Sonic Structures with Eliza Struthers-Jobin

This collection is a part of the Bright Moments Artist in Residence series for February 2024. More details can be found here.

In Eliza Struthers-Jobin’s latest collection, Resonances, she explores the visual convergence of sound and sight.

“I’ve often wanted to include sound in my generative projects, but issues arose with how sound can be presented — it can be tricky to showcase sound without it polluting the experience of other artworks, and not everyone enjoys the isolation of headphones.”

Struthers-Jobin aimed to incorporate sound into her projects without requiring audio, envisioning a series that could exist independently with no audible component—only visible manifestations of sound.

Resonances translates the ephemeral nature of sound into a tangible visual experience by utilizing cymatics, the study of sound and vibration patterns made visible. This artistic process is manifested through Chladni patterns, a method used to generate patterns on a plate, thereby unveiling the physical essence of sound. These intricate geometric shapes emerge from the nodes and antinodes of resonant vibrations across various frequencies.

Chladni patterns
Chladni patterns

Resonances employs Inigo Quilez’s cosPalette function to create seven distinct color palettes. This deliberate choice stems from the function’s use of frequencies to calculate colors along a spectrum, complementing the project's thematic exploration of invisible waves. Over time, each palette subtly and almost imperceptibly evolves, resulting in smooth color transitions that contribute depth and nuance to the visual composition.

This piece expands upon Struthers-Jobin's expertise in sound and generative art, which was deepened by her involvement in a collaborative live audiovisual performance featuring generative audio and live coding last year. Her exploration of generative practices continues to evolve, fueled by the ongoing inspiration derived from programming and algorithmic thinking.


Eliza is an artist and programmer from Montreal, Canada, currently based between Paris and Barcelona. She has been creating artwork with code since 2015. Her work is experimental, mediative and rhythmic, motivated by a continuous cycle of exploration and unexpected discovery.

Resonances is open for minting from February 8 to February 29. Collection can be found here.

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